Bridgend Aikido Club is part of the Shin-Gi-Tai Aikido Society and is based at Litchard Community Centre in Bridgend. Under the instruction on Shihan James Barnett. Aikidoka (Aikido Students) study a wide range of empty hand and weapons techniques whilst exploring the principles and concepts of Aikido.

Aikido itself is a non-competitive Martial Art that does not rely on strength to succeed. Through studying the many techniques Aikidoka are able to overcome any attack without the need to inflict serious injury to their attacker.

The club trains 3 times a week and benefits from having members from varied backgrounds giving a welcoming atmosphere allowing learning to flourish.

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New Poster

By : jabbertech | Dec 4, 2018

Steve Williams – 4th Dan

Steve successfully achieved his 4th Dan in Aikido.  Well Done.
By : jabbertech | Sep 4, 2018

Calendar – Fully Updated

Hi All, The calendar on the website has been fully updated to include all session for this year going forward. If you want to connect to the google calendar just press thisRead More...
By : jabbertech | Mar 23, 2018

New Site Up.

We’re so excited to officially have our new website up and running. Check back regularly for new blog posts, and updated content. See you soon!
By : Bret | Feb 18, 2018